Does your business lack visibility and growth? Try the smart solution AppSumo to promote your business to your target customers. It is a digital marketplace that offers invaluable deals for entrepreneurs on their favorite digital software. New deals are added to the website every week, where you can expect savings from 50% – 99% on applications to grow your business.

The deals are so tempting that it stocks out within no time. Deals usually offer the potential to stack codes. You can purchase multiple codes to get more features. The significant part is that an introductory video usually accompanies each deal. Customers who have used the website have awesome results in just 14 days. To know more, check out our AppSumo review.

About AppSumo


AppSumo is a go-to eCommerce website that offers daily deals on digitally delivered services and goods. It also helps online businesses to reach plenty of new customers and boost sales fast. This Texas-based company was established in 2010 by Noah Kagan.

How AppSumo Works

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo, and his life story impresses everyone. He previously worked for Facebook and Mint. AppSumo is part of a more significant project called Sumo. The Sumo family uses tools to automate site growth, email campaigns and host deals and giveaways for entrepreneurs.

Noah founded AppSumo back in 2011, and it has since gained a lot of traction by running over 1,600 promotions. AppSumo employees do a magnificent job – they search for tech companies and startups that develop great products. Of course, the reverse is also true – plenty of startups contact AppSumo to get their services featured. Next, AppSumo runs outstanding campaigns by discounting these products. Finally, entrepreneurs buy these valuable products for a fraction of their initial price. The uniqueness of AppSumo is the active community around it. Over time, Noah and his team have provided genuine, amazing deals. Through this, AppSumo has earned the trust of millions of people.

Sadly, AppSumo has disappointed more and more customers in the last couple of years. A reviewer on Trustpilot summarized it: “Goodbye to the old Amazon of the SaaS, you become (turned into) an Alibaba instead.” It seems that some of the current deals promoted by AppSumo aren’t precisely as promoted. Therefore, take any AppSumo deal with a grain of salt!

AppSumo Recipe Of Success


Despite the growing number of bad reviews and unsatisfied customers, AppSumo is a successful business. Startups gain severe exposure for their products and make good money through the AppSumo marketplace. At the same time, buyers are happy to purchase discounted subscriptions for professionally-tested tools needed to run a business. So in the end, everyone is happy! Usually, the campaigns run for a limited period – 14 days, creating a feeling of scarcity among buyers.

Most likely, some aspects of the contract signed by AppSumo and sellers are disclosed. In most instances, AppSumo takes a whopping commission of 70% from all the sales, although this may differ. That’s one of the reasons why AppSumo is such a profitable business.



Let’s dive into AppSumo features:

  • Owned and operated by tech professionals
  • Great deals on high-quality products for very low prices
  • Stringent testing of every single tool prior selling
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days
  • No spam mail
  • Major discounts on web-related courses
  • Few digital software allows you to stack codes. This lets you save more time and get more benefits.
  • AppSumo newsletter offers you special access to their latest offers.
  • The company is featured in the TechCrunch Washington Post, Lifehacker, etc.

AppSumo Reputation

A good reputation implies a lot of hard work, money, personal sacrifice, and a good strategy and execution. AppSumo has had a good reputation for a few years but has become a bit worse in the last period. Many users have recently complained about AppSumo products and customer support on review sites. Sadly, there are mixed opinions about AppSumo.

Most AppSumo sellers are content with the results of the campaigns. Ninja Outreach was a product promoted through AppSumo, and Dave explained a few things that happened behind the curtain. He explained that the Ninja Outreach team worked hard during the promotion, and even though they faced a few issues, buyers appreciated their product and rated it with five tacos. (yes, AppSumo has no star rating – users prefer tacos).


The products featured on AppSumo are helpful in digital nomads, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and content creators. Anyone working online may find a good deal among AppSumo’s offerings. Bear in mind that products on sale are lifetime deals. You pay once and use the paid product for life! Indeed, some deals look too good to be accurate, but they are real!

For instance, EWWW Image Optimizer is featured on all lists of plugins for image optimization, and countless users appreciate and rate it as excellent.

A lifetime license is available for only $49 during the AppSumo campaign. Go to the EWWW Image Optimizer website and check the pricing plans. The intermediate “Growth” pricing plan is $15/month or $150/year and has similar features to the AppSumo deal. It’s a fantastic bargain. You get a lifetime subscription with a price lower than a subscription for four months.

How much would you pay for good hosting – free malware scanner, SSL certificate, and CDN included unlimited databases and 100 GB space? I am sure that many of you will say that you would have to pay more than $4/month to get this. However, AppSumo has partnered with HostMaria, and the deal is excellent – you only have to pay $4 a year. Yes, a year – not a month!

Wideo is an excellent choice to create short videos and presentations. Hundreds of users rated the app as good to extraordinary on review sites. It comes with good features and an intuitive dashboard. In addition, the AppSumo deal is impressive – you pay only $59 for lifetime access! Although Wideo has a free plan with branded videos and limitations, the cheapest paid plan is $59/month or 19/month, billed annually.

These are only three examples of exciting deals, but you should visit the AppSumo site and check their offerings.

AppSumo Pros


Everyone loves deals and discounts, and as a result, AppSumo attracts plenty of people. It’s undeniable the offerings are generous, and the discounts are attractive. There are no scams or illegal activity – some people asked on review sites and forums if AppSumo is legit. Therefore, it’s OK to buy from AppSumo, even though some deals seem ridiculously cheap. To sum up, there are three solid reasons to buy from AppSumo:

Solid discounts. You get a product for a lifetime at a fraction of the yearly subscription.
Useful tools. You shouldn’t buy everything for sale on AppSumo. Think twice before clicking the “Add to cart” button. Compare the features of the product you wish to buy with those of your current one before you replace one of the tools in your toolbox.
Unique deals. There are a lot of sites offering discounts, deals, and coupons, but AppSumo’s offering is second to none. You will rarely find better discounts than AppSumo has.

AppSumo Cons


We can’t advise you to buy from AppSumo, but we strongly encourage you to visit the AppSumo marketplace and subscribe to their email list. I subscribed, and I get only useful emails; don’t worry, you won’t get tons of boring emails a week. It’s just a way of staying updated on what’s new on AppSumo. Even though the deals are attractive, you have to pay close attention to a few drawbacks such as:

Poor customer support of AppSumo sellers. It’s understandable and frustrating at the same time. An AppSumo campaign generates a massive number of sales and clients. In most cases, the sellers don’t have the personnel and the infrastructure needed to handle a spike of clients and sales. That’s why the customer support of the sellers during and after the campaign period isn’t as responsive as you expect. It’s not how it should have happened, but it happens.

AppSumo customer support. Plenty of customers complained about the unhelpful, incomplete, and ineffective behavior of AppSumo customer support. It seems like the management doesn’t care about the needs of the customers at times, which may be a problem for the success of AppSumo in the future.

Lifetime deals are not for a lifetime. You accept the idea that “lifetime” is a marketing phrase, and a product can’t survive forever. However, it’s not acceptable for a lifetime deal to last for only a year! In some instances, customers complained that they were asked to upgrade, or the sellers stopped providing support. Indeed, AppSumo can’t force sellers to respect the agreements, but people often don’t care about this; they simply want the products they paid for.

Should You Buy From AppSumo


We cannot provide a clear yes-or-no answer because there are many AppSumo sellers. Many of them play by the rules and are responsive to customer problems and feedback. Some of them have earned good money and satisfied thousands of buyers. Still, a few sellers don’t keep their promises, irritating their AppSumo customers.

Certainly, AppSumo deserves your attention, and you may open your wallet for a good deal. However, research the seller’s background and look for product reviews before you buy. Also, be prepared that a seller might change its offerings over time.

Have you ever purchased AppSumo deals? Did you have a positive or a negative experience? Please share your thoughts with us.

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